That One Swing Thought

It is very interesting to watch students going through self correction, self improvement technically and going out to play during this time.

One area that shows up some very interesting results is the fact that when the student uses one technical thought, they played well and they think that, wow, that it is the technical thought that allowed them to play well.

This is not always the case as it is mostly that the student goes out to play with the clearest mind that they have ever gone on course with. They are able to visualise and feel the shot better than ever because their mind is not full of technical thought overload.

In fact, one amazing result showed up and that was that they were working an item that was little to do with helping them technically, but they played better. Also we heard from one of the greats in Ben Hogan, how he would always come back the next day after “ finding “ a key that was working during a practise session only to find out that that key didn’t work the next day – WHY? Interesting!

So, I would recommend that when playing we have no swing thoughts but it goes to show that one thought maybe / can be handled by a lot of students as well and still play well. Certainly lots of swing thoughts when playing is a disaster for most of us, no chance of mental quietness, and therefore very little chance of quality visual pictures. Little chance of quality focus on the shape and target and not able to have third eye retention of the above while looking down at the ball just before the start of the swing.

And of course don’t be fooled into thinking that, “that one swing thought” is improving your swing, now that’s got you thinking !!!!