Mind Games Staying in the Game



Playing good quality Golf Courses like Brookwater Golf & Country Club requires many abilities including coping strategies. Not one of us will play this great test without an occasional switch off and a large number occurring on hopefully one hole only. It is crucial that we regroup quickly as you can destroy your card with a couple of poor ones in a row. Our confidence can be hit hard and we need ways to get back on track.

I would expect that most of our hardened players have their own keys but here’s a couple that may help.

  1. You are probably agitated, but you need to breath, so a couple of slow tummy deep breaths. Set up with flexed knees, eyes down and then start the process. Try not to use your chest and around your upper shoulders and neck when breathing in slowly , then exhaling slowly. As you breath in, allow your tummy to expand with the inhaled air and when breathing out allow your tummy to flatten out. Focus your mind on this tummy movement, this singularises your thoughts. Come out of this breathing exercises calmly and move on to your next shot with the clear relaxed focus,100 percent involved and committed
  2. As you walk to the next tee give yourself half a dozen steps to reset your mindset back to a positive frame “I’m going to play solid from here, let’s relax and get my mind on the job around shot time”
  3. Play your next hole in a manner that suits your game, no pressing or gambling. Play the next shot in a positive manner to your conservative position, “left side of the fairway at the small branch of the gum tree” ” that’s where I’m going to leave this, maybe “middle of the green on the small dark green patch there” ” perfect angle to the flag from there” but some precise comments and now being 100 percent committed and involved with this play. No over trying, just quality involvement is what we are after. Don’t be afraid to verbalise the picture of the shot and feel the shot. Then freedom as you trust oneself.
  4. Stay committed to your original game plan. Maybe to change if it’s late in the round to refocus your goals for the day to “finishing off strongly ” and allow acceptance with what has occurred and now with a good attitude anything is achievable.
  5. Give yourself some answers post shot to the result of a poorer outcome. Assess your mental involvement, quietness of mind and quality of focus, once discussed with yourself , easy to move on after that has been done. The search is the greatest destroyer of many players “ What am I doing wrong ?“
  6. It mightn’t be your best round but it could be “my best recovery / comeback “

Enjoy the challenge.