Keep Your Head Down and Still NO NO NO!



This is one of the worst pieces of information a Golfer could receive and it continues to be said to golfers today.  In fact if a player continues to hold their head down and still, there is a chance of physical injury – it is bio mechanically unsound let alone what it does to your swing pattern.

So how did this “statement “ originate. I believe it occurred because of poor concentration / focus and the players of yesteryear gave a physical band aid to try to fix a mental problem. And students / players would believe that because they would not remember seeing the ball on the downswing, loosing visual engagement in transition, hence believing that the had “lifted their head” because they couldn’t remember seeing the ball.

It was the perfect one liner “ Ahh, you lifted your head” , not “ Ahh your mental involvement was average, you didn’t look like you were 100 percent committed to the shot, you didn’t feel the shot, you stayed above the ball forever before pulling the trigger, your mind was so busy, you had no change of retaining the shot shape and target . “

So we have no chance of hitting quality shots if we don’t have mental quietness, have visual clarity and operate with freedom and trust.

“KEEP YOUR HEAD STILL” will get not only your mind in the incorrect place by tightening your body physically and chances are the swing mechanics will be bio mechanically poor and creating chances of injury.

I will come back to you with the technical information relating to this piece of poor advise. In the meantime, Free up, See the ball to the last split second before impact and enjoy watching the ball in flight!