Time Poor

TIME POOR ? IMPROVING YOUR GOLF ? SOME IDEAS TO HELP ! Many people are time poor in today’s hectic world, just finding time for a game once per week or fortnight let alone time to spend on the driving range tuning their games is very difficult to come by. I have a few tips …

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Ball Markings

MARKINGS ON OUR GOLF BALL It might seem like an insignificant dot or line, but marking your ball could be the mental or technical key to your golf game, writes Ian Triggs When playing in competition, we are all required to have our own specific marks on our ball for ownership and identification purposes. Some …

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A Warm Up

A WARM UP IS JUST THAT “A WARM UP”   I’ve been at many tournaments with my elite players and witnessed many warmups before heading out to perform in these tournaments on major tours. With the seasoned players who have been on tour for many years, once again they are at a tournament that they’ve …

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