Training Program

A total training program can be sent to the player once they have detailed their available training and competitions times. It needs to have daily, weekly and yearly times available and with the players competition schedules.

Also, the physical / mental training side needs to be included so the program can give the player the opportunity to perform at their best in certain tournaments.

Need information from their past playing to when the player has performed their best, after what number of weeks after a break etc

Learning how to manage performance is the ideals of this program and will take time and awareness to find the keys for that individual

Cost of program and assessment
AUD $500.00


“As an LPGA player, I know firsthand that a coach can either make or break a career. Great coaches are truly few and far between, and I am incredibly fortunate to have found one. I met ian triggs in early 2012 and he has since become an indispensable part of my success. I would not have won a major championship without him. I have absolute confidence in his mastery of understanding how to successfully play golf—from technique, to biomechanics, to the mental game. On top of this mastery, a great coach must also have the ability to communicate. Ian’s ability to successfully teach all ages and skill sets, as well as navigate the difference between technical and feel players, is another testament to his greatness. Ian is a class act through and through, and you won’t find a better golf coach!”

Mo Martin LPGA Professional Player
Winner 2014 Womens British Open
Runner up 2018 Evian Masters
Many wins on the futures tour – Secondary LPGA TOUR one of USA’s leading women professional players
Straightest driver on tour